Tiffany PoirierTiffany Poirier is the creator of The Teaching Coats Project and The Learning Coats Project.  She is a parent, an award-winning teacherspeaker, gifted ed. curriculum specialist, and the author-illustrator of Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy.  Tiffany helps children, parents and teachers learn the tools, strategies and skills they need to unleash their inner philosophers, work together through “community of inquiry” practices, and develop their hidden gifts.  Her mantra is “think critically, think creatively, and be the leaders this world needs.”

Currently, Tiffany teaches enrichment courses online and works part time in the Surrey School District as a District Resource Teacher in gifted education, teaching in the Challenge Program.  Previously she taught in a Multi-Age Cluster Class with students in grades 5, 6, and 7 and in the Vancouver School District’s Gifted Challenge Centre with students in grades K-7.  She has also taught extra curricular enrichment classes, gifted summer school, and provided private gifted consultation services for families, helping to create personalized learning enrichment plans.


Early in her career, Tiffany was recognized for teaching excellence, receiving the Hazel and Jack Grimmett Scholarship as well as the Outstanding Practicum Award (University of British Columbia, 2006).  In 2013, she received Mindshare Learning’s “Spirit Award” for sharing her 21st century learning practices.

In her first three years in the profession, Tiffany created and presented over thirty original professional development workshops for teachers across the Lower Mainland, and she has enjoyed speaking since at various conferences and symposiums, such as G.E.T.C.A., the World Gifted Conference and TEDxVictoria.


An area of her teaching about which Tiffany is especially passionate concerns supporting children to develop and practice the skills for philosophical dialogue; her work in this area was discussed in an article in Torch Magazine. She has been interviewed for CBC radio’s The Sunday Edition and subsequently her class was featured in a documentary for the same program.  She also wrote educational articles published in The TyeeBCTF’s Teacher Newsmagazine, and Synergy Magazine, authored and illustrated a children’s critical thinking book, Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy.


Tiffany hold’s a Masters of Education in Administration and Leadership (University of British Columbia, 2012), a B.Ed Elementary Education (University of British Columbia, 2006), a BA in Philosophy (University of Victoria, 2004), and a certificate in Performing Arts (Canadian College of Performing Arts, 2000)–and she was named as an exceptional alumnus by both of the universities from which she holds degrees.  In 2000, she qualified for an “A” level CSPA Skydiving License, but today Tiffany finds teaching and co-learning with her students is the ultimate rush!