Presenting at G.E.T.C.A.!

166752_10152584804965531_698247404_nI’m so excited to go to Edmonton, Alberta this week to present at G.E.T.C.A. (Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association)!

What a neat opportunity to mingle, share and learn with my teacher colleagues in the province next door! I’ve listed below the sessions I will present on Thursday, February 28, 2013, Shaw Building, Room: Salon 12

The Teaching Coats Project: Exploring and Creating Your Teacher Identity

(9:00 AM – 10:15 AM)

Who are you, teacher? What are your most important professional beliefs, goals, and practices? Learn about “The Teaching Coats Project”, an innovative hands-on professional development program inspired by Parker Palmer’s book, “The Courage to Teach”. This program helps teachers to discover, refine and articulate their teaching philosophies—in a tangible, creative fashion. “The Learning Coats Project” is a matching activity where students create wearable collages expressing their own identities. See more at

482873_10152584803600531_753065129_nPhilosophy in the Classroom: Engaging Young Minds with Deeper Questions

(10:45 AM – 12:00 PM)

Question! Question! Question! Join Tiffany Poirier, the author of “Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy”, as she shares her experience and strategies for teaching children the skills for philosophical inquiry. Tiffany discusses why a philosophical approach can deepen the learning in any classroom, and she teaches how to facilitate dialogues with young people within a “community of inquiry”. You’ll get fresh ideas, tools, and resources for exciting philosophical lessons, projects and games. See more at

165975_10152584806325531_992616602_nPersonal Interest Projects: A Framework for Authentic Learning

(1:00 PM – 2:15 PM)

“Personal Interest Projects” are the perfect way to differentiate and personalize learning—guaranteed to engage and challenge any learner! This session offers teachers ideas and strategies for supporting students in conducting their own short-term and long-term inquiry-based learning projects. You’ll explore fun, meaningful project ideas and learn tips for how to facilitate the process from start to finish across a variety of ages and disciplines…to ensure the success of every child!

***Stay tuned!  I’ll be posting video of the presentation soon!