The Teaching Coats Project—professional development tailored by you!  Teachers work hard to make a difference, and days goes so fast, sometimes we forget to recharge ourselves!  But teacher, you’ve got to stay connected to your greater purpose, know who you are, and  lead bravely by example–for you and your students.  That’s the idea behind The Teaching Coats Project, and it came to me while I was reading a book called The Courage to Teach, by Parker Palmer. He writes:

“I once heard this Hasidic tale: ‘We need a coat with two pockets. In one pocket there is dust.  And in the other pocket there is gold.  We need a coat with two pockets to remind us of who we are.'”

So I got a coat and some dust and gold and took that metaphor literally.  Then I started adding other things too!  Soon I had this wearable teaching philosophy.

I called my creation my Teaching Coat and discovered so many benefits when I would wear it and share it—namely the courage just to be my unique teacher self.

Now Teaching Coats and Learning Coats for students are popping up all over the place…and it’s your chance to try the fun on for size!  Make your Teaching Coat with help from Teachingcoats.com. (There is even a mini paper Teaching Coat you can make in under 30 minutes)

Imagine… your own Teaching Coat!  What would it look like?  How would you make it?  How could you share it?  And what can we learn together with The Teaching Coats Project–professional development tailored for you!